KFC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What time does KFC close?

The standard closing time for KFC restaurants is 10 p.m., but due to high demand, a growing number of restaurants are open until midnight. Restaurants with extended hours are more likely to be found in high-population areas.

As hours are determined by location, you can contact your local KFC for more information. Find locations in your area here.

What time does KFC open?

The standard time for KFC restaurants to open is 11 a.m., but due to high demand, a growing number of restaurants are opening an hour earlier at 10 a.m. Restaurants with extended hours are more likely to be found in high-population areas.

As hours are determined by location, you can contact your local KFC for more information. Find locations in your area here.

What is KFC sauce?

KFC aficionados may have noticed a new addition to the menu in 2020, KFC Sauce. The sauce, made from a mix of ketchup, mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise, and some secret herbs and spices, has a sweet smoky flavor, similar to the signature sauce at Chick-fil-A. But it‘s actually an old favorite rebranded.

Formerly known as the famous Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce, KFC made the decision to change the name of their staple sauce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but rest assured, the classic flavor remains unchanged!

What does KFC stand for?

KFC was originally an acronym for the restaurant’s full name, Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, in 1991 the restaurant decided to officially rebrand to KFC.

In recent years, the acronym has also been associated with their new slogan ‘Kitchen Fresh Chicken’.

Who owns KFC?

The KFC brand has been owned by Yum! Brands, formerly Tricon Global Restaurants, since 1997. The group inherited KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut from parent company PepsiCo, which acquired the brands in 1986, 1978, and 1977 respectively.

The original owner of KFC was Colonel Harland Sanders, who you’ll recognize from the brand’s iconic packaging. Sanders founded the chain in 1952 and continued to hold the rights until 1964 when he chose to sell the chain for 2 million dollars (roughly 19.1 million dollars as of 2022).

The sale was carried out with the agreement that Sanders would receive a lifetime salary in addition to staying on as the company’s quality controller and trademark, which is why you’ll still find him smiling back at you from every bucket of chicken!

How old do you have to be to work at KFC?

Interested in working at KFC? You’ll need to be at least 16 years old to land the gig. Some positions, like Cook, may not be available to younger employees due to safety concerns.
Employees under 18 may also have their hours restricted by law.

How much does KFC pay?

According to data from Indeed and Glass Door the average salaries at KFC in 2022 are as follows:

Job Title

Hourly Salary

Team Member

$7.25 - $20.85 | Average: $12.47


$7.25 - $20.65 | Average: $13.23

General Manager

$9.74 - $41.54 | Average: $21.57

The pay rate at KFC is determined by several things including job position and location. If you would like more information on the current salaries in your area, you can check for local job postings here.

When was KFC founded?

KFC was initially founded by entrepreneur Colonel Harland Sanders on September 24, 1952, in North Corbin, Kentucky, with the first official KFC franchise opening the same year in Utah.

Though KFC is a household name today, the chain had humble beginnings with Sanders selling fried chicken from his small roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression.

How much is a famous bowl at KFC?

Looking for a lunch that has a bit of everything? The Famous Bowl from KFC has you covered.

Made with layers of crispy chicken, sweet corn, and creamy mashed potatoes, the Famous Bowl is topped with a shredded three cheese, a drizzle of home-style gravy, and an optional splash of KFC’s signature Nashville Hot Sauce. You can expect to pay between $5.79 and $5.99 for both varieties of the bowl. Want to make it a meal? That will run you between $6.19 and $7.89, depending on your location

How much is a bucket of chicken at KFC?

KFC’s famous buckets are available in a range of sizes, sized to suit any occasion and priced to match! While price will vary by location, here’s what you can expect to pay for a bucket of Chicken from KFC:



8 Piece Bucket (Mixed or Dark)

$18.99 - $19.99

12 Piece Bucket (Mixed or Dark)

$25.49 - $28.49

16 Piece Bucket (Mixed or Dark)

$31.99 - $33.79

Where was the first KFC?

The first KFC was located in North Corbin, Kentucky, and opened its doors to customers on September 24, 1952. Before the end of the year, the restaurant would open its first franchise in Utah.

How old was Colonel Sanders when he started KFC?

It’s never too late to change your life! Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of KFC, didn’t start the business until 1952 at the age of 65.

He used his monthly social security check of $105 (roughly $947 in 2022) to start franchising the business, which has since grown to exceed 15,000 locations around the world.

How to make KFC coleslaw?

KFC coleslaw has been a fan favorite for years, but how can you make it at home? You can find a few hints on the KFC website where they share the ingredients for their coleslaw as follows:

Chopped cabbage, carrots, onions, sugar, water, soybean oil, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, food starch, whole eggs, salt, corn vinegar, spices, apple cider, vinegar, paprika, as well as natural and artificial flavors.

To recreate it at home, we recommend this recipe from Love From the Oven.

How many calories in a KFC biscuit?

KFC’s southern-style biscuits are warm, flaky, and delicious. You can enjoy a KFC biscuit for 150 to 185 calories without added butter or gravy.

Where is the nearest KFC?

Looking for the closest KFC in your area? Head over to the KFC website to find locations by city, state, and zip code. You can also turn on location services to find the restaurants closest to you, no searching required.

How to reheat KFC chicken?

Got leftovers? With a few simple steps, you can reheat your KFC chicken so that it’s just as good as it was when you ordered it! Here’s how:

Take your chicken out of the fridge 20 to 30 minutes before you want to reheat it. This will allow the chicken to reach a consistent internal temperature which results in a better, more consistent, reheat.

Preheat your oven to 400 F. the high temperature will allow the chicken to heat quickly without drying it out.

Place a wire baking rack over a baking sheet, arranging chicken in a single layer. This allows for better air circulation in the oven, keeping all the breading on your chicken and crisping it up.

Heat the chicken for 12 to 15 minutes until fully warmed.

You can also reheat your chicken from KFC in an air fryer. You’ll still want to take the chicken out of the fridge to come to temperature, but you’ll only need to heat the air fryer to 350 F.
Once your chicken is ready to go, arrange it in a single layer in the fryer basket. Your leftovers will be hot, crispy, and ready to eat in just four minutes!